Type better. Share faster.

Thingthing lets you attach your documents, photos, calendar availabilities and more while chatting and emailing. Everything's inside your keyboard.

Amazing reviews

With amazing reviews from reputable publications, we're more than motivated in bringing the best keyboard on the market.

Best keyboard out there

Intelligent auto-correction

Mistypes are now a thing of the past with intelligent and self-learning auto-correction technology.

Super fast sharing

With a quick access to your important things, adding what you want while chatting and emailing is very, very fast.

Private by design

Thingthing is built with privacy in mind because we simply care about your privacy! What you share and type is solely yours.

Next word prediction

Thingthing intuitively suggests the next word. Over time, it safely learns how you type and improves every suggestions.

Easily access emojis

Your favourite emojis are just a tap away, no more switching between keyboards.

Quick editing

By simply swiping the spacebar, you can quickly modify your text.

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Who is this keyboard for

Business Travellers

Thingthing will unleash an array of possibilities for you. You'll be able to deal with important matters and sometimes feel that carrying your laptop is a secondary thing.


Thingthing will help you better manage multiple projects you have. Whether it's about sharing files & folder with clients or collaborators, you'll see your productivity jump dramatically.

Project Managers

You'll be able to save time in every aspects. Whether it's about sending your calendar availability or sharing a file someone needs, our keyboard will make you feel hyper-productive.

Best app reviews ever

Share all your pictures

Quickly share your pictures from your Camera Roll, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Send files and folders

Attach what you want from Dropbox, Google Drive and more. Sharing on the go feels more productive.

Share your availability

With a Calendar built-in, quickly share your availabilities with your friends or colleagues! No more switching apps!