How do I install Thingthing on my iOS device?

To enable Thingthing Keyboard on your device, perform the following steps:

How do I make Thingthing my default keyboard on iOS?

Move the keyboard to the top of the list.

Moving Thingthing in the "Keyboards" area to the top of your enabled Keyboards list will help maintain Thingthing as the default. Please follow these steps:

  1. Open settings on your device.
  2. Tap on ‘General’.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Keyboard’.
  4. Tap on ‘Keyboards’.
  5. Tap on 'Edit'.
  6. Tap and drag 'Thingthing' to the top of the list.
  7. Restart your phone to complete the upgrade!

*In some situations, your keyboard will revert to the iOS default keyboard. These include (but are not limited to):

  1. Returning to an app after locking the device.
  2. Creating a new message in iMessage.
  3. Switching between apps.
  4. Entering password/credit card information (to ensure that your privacy and personal information is always protected).

Use the globe key to return back to the Thingthing Keyboard
If your keyboard switches to the Apple, or another 3rd party keyboard, simply tap the globe key to re-select the Thingthing keyboard.

Why can’t Thingthing auto-insert a picture into my messages?

This is currently a limitation set by Apple, and we think that the copy and paste function is the best alternative until further notice.

How private is Thingthing?

You’ll never become our product. We are YOUR product. Security and privacy is our number one priority. Granting “Full Access” only allows Thingthing the ability to show your content inside your keyboard.

We want to become the most trustworthy keyboard company ever because we deeply believe that you should be the only one owning and viewing what you type and share. Your privacy is fully guaranteed with Thingthing.

Read our full Privacy Policy and ToS.

We ONLY anonymously collect the following information in order to improve YOUR product:

  1. Completely anonymous crash logs so we can identify and fix bugs to improve the keyboard you love.
  2. Completely anonymous analytics so we can improve your product experience and define the contents of our next update.

Can Thingthing keyboard access my passwords, credit card numbers, etc.?

No, Thingthing keyboard will automatically switch to Apple’s stock keyboard whenever private information is required, such as password or credit card information. Rest assured that everything you type using Thingthing is yours and ONLY yours.

Why isn’t my keyboard working properly?

We have identified a few issues that may arise:

  1. Caret (or cursor) flashes in text input field, but the keyboard never appears.
  2. Keyboard is shown and can be interacted with, but no text appears in the input field.
  3. Keyboard shows up but cannot be interacted with at all, and seems to be frozen.
  4. A grey box shows up where the keyboard is meant to be.

To fix these issues, you must manually close the app. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Double tap the home button on the device.
  2. Quit out of the affected app by swiping upward.
  3. Re-open the affected app.

This limitation comes from your specific app’s developer. We strongly suggest that you notify your app’s company of the error so it can be dealt with properly. If you’d like us to manage it, please send us your request at

Why is nothing showing up inside Thingthing?

It’s probably because you don’t have Full Access enabled. Here’s how to enable Full Access:

How do I switch to Thingthing inside my chat or email app?

Hold the globe button and switch to Thingthing from there. Enjoy!!

How do I disable the autocorrection function?

By simply swiping Thingthing spacebar, you'll have the fastest way to modify your text. Check it out:

still have doubts?

If you still have doubts, send us an email to or . We will be more than happy to help you!